Resources and materials

Amnesty International has developed a range of human rights education resources and materials on different human rights themes that can be used with different target groups.

General Human Rights Education    

A manual for teachers and educators in the Africa region who work with young people both in formal and non-formal educational environments who want to introduce human rights in their teaching practices.       

First Steps
A manual for starting human rights education with specific reference to Central and Eastern Europe.

Questions and Answers on Human Rights Education for Educators
An Amnesty International short guide reference guide for teachers and educators on human rights education.

Mawared is a HRE specialized magazine produced by the MENA Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Mawared is published in Arabic with a summary of contents in English. Mawared is produced twice a year.

Human Rights Education resources on human rights themes

Stop Violence Against Women
Becoming gender aware is to understand the constraints placed on women and men due to prejudices inherent in the construction of their gender. Social norms, values and behaviour define the roles and status of women and men in society. It is the toleration of these discriminatory norms and values that often paves the way for acts of violence against women to occur. These resource packs are designed to assist participants through the process of becoming gender aware and to take them beyond static awareness to a point of action: demonstrating their awareness through actions and behaviour.

10 Basic Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement Officials
A short reference guide to facilitate a process of developing guidance on the training and monitoring of the conduct of law enforcement officials.

A 12 Point Guide for Good Practice in the Training and Education of Human Rights for Government Officials
Outlines good practice fundamentals to implement an effective human rights training programme.

Creating a Torture Free World
A teaching resource pack for school teachers.

Stop Torture
Booklet to provide teachers and educators with a generic resource that can be used to prepare lessons that assist children in understanding that torture is a violation of human rights. It is written for children aged 10 to 12-years oldbut can be adapted as required by the teacher/educator for different age groups.

Further human rights education resources and materials

Please contact Amnesty International in your country and ask to speak to Human Rights Education staff for resources and materials produced in your country or languages that you use.

Alternatively, please contact the International HRE team at the International Secretariat in London.

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