Amnesty International produces a wide range of human rights education resources and materials on a variety of human rights themes, for different target groups, and in various languages. Our human rights education resources have been created for specific educational and national contexts yet can be adapted to meet your needs. These materials can be used by teachers, educators, trainers, peer educators or anyone who is interested in carrying out human rights education. They can be used with different target groups to foster knowledge, skills and attitudes consistent with internationally recognized human rights principles.

Feel free to browse through our resources and download relevant materials for your own use. If you are using Amnesty International resources for educational purposes, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge the source of your information.

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You can filter human rights education resources by Educational Setting; Occupation; Target Age Group; Human Rights Topic; Human Rights Education Topic; Language; and Type of Resource. Select as many fields as are relevant, then click on the 'Search' button to see the list of related resources.

Filtered Human Rights Education Resources

This refers to the educational setting for which the resource was originally developed

Formal education - education conducted in structured educational institutions, including primary and secondary schools and universities

Non-formal education - adult learning and forms of education which fall outside the formal educational curriculum; examples include community learning, workshops and extra-curricular activities

Peer education - educational activities designed to trigger a natural process of transmission of knowledge and experience by some group members to other members of equal status. A small group of people sharing the same social group identity or conditions is used to inform and influence their "peers"

Training for professionals - education and training activities conducted in structured environments targeting professional groups, which includes vocational and technical training. Choose the target group for trainings using the 'Occupation' filter


This refers to the Target Age Group


This refers to the Human Rights Topic


This refers to the content of the resource or the purpose of the resource related to human rights education

Human Rights Based Approach - resources that focus on a human rights based approach to education

Integrating Human Rights Education in Campaigns - resources that focus on integrating human rights education in campaigning and activism

Integrating Human Rights in Schools - resources that focus on the promotion of a culture of human rights in schools

Monitoring and Evaluation - resources that provide guidance and tools to monitor, evaluate and assess the impact of human rights education activities and processes

Participatory Methodology - resources that focus on the use of participatory methodologies. Participatory methodologies in human rights education which are a framework for conceiving and carrying out education that promotes shared reflection, critical analysis, in-depth questioning and collective problem solving. This enables participants to deepen their knowledge and come to a better understanding of the particular human rights issues they are facing, as well as articulate proposals and strategies for change

Strategies and Plans - resources that focus on human rights education strategies and plans

Training of trainers or facilitation - resources that focus on training of trainers or facilitation skill building

Teacher Training - resources that are focused on training and provide guidance for teachers on the subject of human rights education


This refers to the format of the human rights education resource

Activity Resource - any educational resource designed for use in formal and non-formal settings, including activity packs and games)

Audio - includes music and radio recordings

Book or Article - recommended reading

Good Practice Case Study or Guide - examples of successful educational activities or processes

Image - includes photos, posters and presentations

Lesson Plan - a lesson or course outline designed for use by teachers in the classroom or by educators in formal settings

Manual - a human rights education manual, resource, guidebook or set of instructions

Video - includes films and film clips


This refers to human rights education resources to use when training professionals:

These resources target or are appropriate for use with specific occupational groups


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