Geography, Development and Human Rights

This teachers’ pack is designed to be taught alongside the Leaving Certificate Geography syllabus (Irish curriculum). All lessons are linked to corresponding units in the geography syllabus, and it complements existing geography textbooks. Each class builds on what the student has learned from the core syllabus and adds a human rights component to these topics. At the beginning of each class we have outlined the material needed for that class, including which items can be found on the DVD. This pack, like the Leaving Certificate syllabus, is not designed to be taught in a linear fashion. Instead teachers, as the best judges of their students’ ability, can pick and choose when to incorporate these classes into their yearly plan.

This Pack Includes:
• Video diaries of people living in poverty;
• Links between human rights and curriculum topics;
• Class exercises on human rights issues;
• Image folders;
• New statistics and facts about people living in poverty.

Geography, Development and Human Rights
A teachers’ manual, linked to the geography curriculum, that focuses on human rights issues in a development context.
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