The Great Firewall of China

These activities are designed as a lesson of 1 hour, suitable for students aged 11-16. They could be used as part of a themed day on China, or a cross-curricular Citizenship/PSE project or as a stand-alone lesson. The content links to Citizenship/PSE and ICT (UK system). Students learn about patterns of electronic censorship and internet repression in China and present their findings using ICT.

They are designed to be used in conjunction with the film ‘Over to You’ which is part of the Amnesty education pack Human rights in focus. You can order this free at or download the film at:

The Great Firewall of China
Designed for use in ICT classes, this lesson uses film, internet research and informal role play to explore internet repression in China. To be used in conjunction with the film ‘Over to You’, which can be downloaded online.
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