Human Rights Today: discussing the issues, accepting the challenge

This text is based on Inquiry methodology. Students begin to communicate about the materials; they then deliberate about their responses, and investigate the issues raised more deeply before being challenged to take action.

The ‘Tuning in’ section presents five short introductory questions about key human rights issues and their
formal recognition through a number of international treaties. The ‘Discussing human rights issues’ section provides four short investigations that examine the experiences of particular groups and introduce some of the people and
organisations who work to defend people’s rights. The ‘Taking action for human rights’ section suggests a number of ways in which students can actively respond to their investigations, and the Online Teacher Guide provides useful background material for the teaching of human rights.

Human Rights Today: discussing the issues, accepting the challenge
"A student and teacher pack aimed at 14-16 year olds, that encourages students to consider the importance and realities of human rights. "
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