Service-Learning: lesson plans and projects

Service-learning - the process of gaining knowledge through providing services to others - can be an important tool for imparting human rights education. This manual is designed to guide educators, both newcomers and experts in the human rights field, who wish to teach about human rights through service-learning.

Part One provides an introduction to the subject of human rights, and explains how to familiarize participants with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Part Two introduces the concept of service-learning and describes how to set up a service-learning project. Part Three contains over 20 human rights education and service-learning lesson plans, on topics including children's rights, discrimination, and poverty. Finally, the appendices contain relevant resources including copies of key international human rights instruments.

Service-Learning: lesson plans and projects
A manual designed for educators who wish to combine human rights education with service-learning. Includes lesson plans and teaching resources.
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