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President-elect Obama recommits to closing Guantánamo and ending torture

18 November 2008

'Early action' promised on closing the detention centre at Guantánamo Bay and ensuring that the USA does not resort to torture.

NGOs call for UN session on the Democratic Republic of Congo

18 November 2008

Over forty organizations active in Africa warn that the situation in the eastern DRC is at risk of turning into a humanitarian catastrophe, as the civilian death toll

Taiwan and South Korea call for 'comfort women' apology

18 November 2008

The Government of Japan must accept historical responsibility and apologise to the victims of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.

Ugandan government must establish reparations programme for war victims

17 November 2008

Widespread human rights violations were committed during northern Uganda's 20-year conflict between the Government of Uganda's armed forces and the Lord's Resistance A

Refugees held by Thailand must be freed

17 November 2008

Ninety-two children are among a group of 158 Lao Hmong refugees who have been held under harsh conditions at a detention centre in Thailand for two years.

Israeli army relaxes restrictions on humanitarian aid to Gaza

17 November 2008

The Israeli army allowed a limited number of trucks carrying humanitarian assistance into Gaza for the first time in two weeks on Monday.

Israeli army blocks deliveries to Gaza

14 November 2008

The Israeli army has completely blocked the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid and medical supplies to the Gaza Strip for more than a week.

There’s no pride in silence: domestic and sexual violence against women in Armenia

13 November 2008

National surveys suggest that more than a quarter of women in Armenia have faced physical violence at the hands of husbands or other family members.

Harsh sentences for Myanmar dissidents

13 November 2008

Fourteen dissidents are sentenced to 65 years' imprisonment each, as Myanmar's military government ignores calls by the international community to clean up its human

Afghanistan moves towards a wide use of executions

13 November 2008

The Afghan government executed nine people last week. President Hamid Karzai has recently approved death sentences for at least another 111.

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