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Sri Lankan army clashes with detainees

24 September 2009

A detainee was seriously injured and had to be hospitalized as a clash broke out between the Sri Lankan Army and detainees being held at a school in Vavuniya in north-eastern Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

Beatings and detentions follow Honduras demonstrations

24 September 2009

Amnesty International has received continuing reports of numerous demonstrators being beaten by police and some several hundred detained across Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras.

Campaigner, rock musician and parliamentarian visit Troy Davis

24 September 2009

An Amnesty International campaigner, a musician and a member of the UK parliament are visiting death row inmate Troy Davis in the US state of Georgia.

Governments sign up to defend economic, social and cultural rights

24 September 2009

Twenty states began signing an international agreement to address violations of economic, social and cultural rights at the United Nations in New York on Thursday.

Iranian refugees still detained in Turkey despite court ruling

24 September 2009

Two Iranian refugees remain in detention in Turkey despite a European Court of Human Rights ruling on Tuesday should be released, according to Amnesty International.

Thousands unite to end maternal mortality in Sierra Leone

23 September 2009

Over 4,000 people gathered in Freetown, Sierra Leone, on Tuesday to attend the launch of Amnesty International's campaign to end maternal mortality in the country.

VIDEO: Maternal mortality in Sierra Leone

22 September 2009

A woman faces a higher risk of dying in child birth in Sierra Leone than almost anywhere in the world.

Maternal death rate in Sierra Leone is a "human rights emergency"

21 September 2009

In Sierra Leone, one in eight women risk dying during pregnancy or childbirth - one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world.

Time for justice as Taiwanese prisoner faces 11th retrial

21 September 2009

Yemen must reveal whereabouts of detained journalist

21 September 2009

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