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Saudi Arabia set to resume flogging of Raif Badawi this Friday

14 January 2015

The Saudi Arabian authorities have an opportunity to improve their appalling human rights record by heeding the international outcry about the public flogging of Raif Badawi and halting it immediately.

Eastern Ukraine: Investigate deadly artillery strike on civilian bus

13 January 2015

An artillery strike on a bus that killed 10 civilians and wounded 18 in eastern Ukraine must be investigated urgently as it could amount to a violation of international humanitarian law, Amnesty International said. 

Ten facts about Haiti’s housing crisis

12 January 2015

A new Amnesty International report tracks the tragic lack of progress made rebuilding the country since the 2010 earthquake five years ago.

Philippines: Senate hearing should be first step to tackling endemic torture

12 January 2015

An inquiry into police torture in the Philippine Senate this week is a welcome opportunity to put a stop to torture by members of the national police and to end the pervasive culture of impunity that reinforces it.

Sri Lanka: New government must make human rights a priority after mostly peaceful vote

9 January 2015

Sri Lanka’s new government must urgently address a legacy of pressing human rights issues left by the previous administration, Amnesty International said.

Ireland: Proposed ‘mother and baby homes’ investigation welcome, but a missed opportunity to address Magdalenes

9 January 2015

The Irish government’s decision not to include the treatment of women and girls in Magdalene Laundries in the proposed scope of an inquiry announced today is a missed opportunity that will leave gaping holes in the narrative of historical abuses.

Flogging of Raif Badawi in Saudi Arabia ‘vicious act of cruelty’

9 January 2015

A witness confirmed to Amnesty International that the flogging of Saudi Arabian activist Raif Badawi took place this morning after Friday prayers in front of al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah. 

Haiti: Five years after devastating earthquake tens of thousands still homeless and desperate

8 January 2015

Five years on from a devastating earthquake in Haiti, tens of thousands of people remain homeless as government policy failures, forced evictions and short-term solutions have failed many who lost everything in the disaster.


Saudi Arabia to commence public flogging of activist sentenced to 1,000 lashes

8 January 2015

Amnesty International has learned that the imprisoned Saudi Arabian activist Raif Badawi will be flogged in public after Friday prayers tomorrow in front of al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah. 

Bangladesh must investigate deaths and release prisoners held in opposition crackdown

8 January 2015

Bangladeshi authorities must investigate the killing of protesters and release prisoners arrested this week as part of an apparent crackdown against the opposition Bangladesh National Party.

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