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Hundreds released as Gambian witch hunts end

8 April 2009

Hundreds of people held in a government-backed witch hunt in Gambia have been released without charge.

African organizations call on Sudan to readmit aid agencies

8 April 2009

A series of simultaneous press conferences were held in seven African countries on Wednesday to warn that millions of people in Darfur face death and disease.

Peru's Ex-President convicted in landmark case

7 April 2009

Alberto Fujimori, the former President of Peru, has been convicted of a series of human rights violations.

Egyptian authorities urged to release peaceful protestors

7 April 2009

At least 20 people are still held in detention in Egypt after peaceful protests on Monday.

Israel and Palestinians urged to cooperate with UN mission

7 April 2009

Amnesty International has said that both the Israeli and Palestinian sides must fully cooperate with the UN's fact-finding mission.

UN provides welcome support to Bangladesh war crimes investigations

7 April 2009

The government of Bangladesh has sought and received UN assistance in its efforts to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity and other serious violations o

March through Czech town puts Roma community in fear

6 April 2009

Far-right groups organized a march through the Roma-populated area in Přerov in the Czech Republic on Saturday.

Police abuse goes unchecked in France

2 April 2009

French police have been accused of committing gross human rights violations – often against ethnic minorities – for which they are seldom brought to just

Critics of Guinea-Bissau military beaten by military personnel

2 April 2009

Francisco José Fadul, a Court President and former Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, was beaten by military personnel at his home in Bissau in the early hours

G20 leaders urged to protect the poor

2 April 2009

Eight of the world's leading NGOs urge the G20 leaders to take long-term decisions in the interests of people and the planet this week.

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