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Bombs and a lack of food, water and medicine: Life under siege in Syria

12 June 2014

Tens of thousands of men, women and children across Syria are struggling to survive in inhumane conditions in towns under siege, under constant threat of deadly attacks and lacking access to basic necessities such as food, water and medicines. 

Iraq: Civilians must be protected following insurgents’ takeover of Mosul

11 June 2014

Civilians caught up in fighting in the Iraqi city of Mosul must be protected at all costs and allowed to safely leave the conflict zone.

Paraguay: Celebrations as law will return ancestral land to indigenous community after two decades of destitution

11 June 2014

The law signed today by the President of Paraguay that enables the Sawhoyamaxa to return to their ancestral land is a triumph for the indigenous community.

Turkey: Demonstrators on trial, police unpunished

10 June 2014

One year on from the Gezi Park protests, the government’s approach to demonstrations is as abusive as ever while impunity for police violence is rampant.

World's governments must turn back the tide of sexual violence at global summit

10 June 2014

World leaders must take concrete action to end sexual and gender-based violence in conflict during a landmark summit this week hosted by UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie and UK Foreign Minister William Hague.

Nigeria: Slum-dwellers’ victory over government in international court a triumph against impunity

10 June 2014

Today’s court decision against the Nigerian security forces who  indiscriminately opened fire on peaceful protesters in Bundu Ama almost five years ago is a victory against impunity and a triumph for justice.

Historic Colombia-FARC declaration fails to guarantee victims’ right to justice

9 June 2014

The historic declaration agreed between the Colombian government and the country’s main guerrilla group, FARC, will not contribute to a lasting peace unless those responsible for human rights abuses, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, are brought to justice.

Former Guatemalan police chief found guilty for killings

6 June 2014

The conviction of Guatemala’s former National Director of Police for a number of murders is a very significant step forward in the fight against impunity that has plagued Guatemala in the past, said Amnesty International today.

North Korea: End persecution of Christians after reports US tourist detained

6 June 2014

North Korean authorities must release all those detained solely for their religious beliefs, said Amnesty International, following reports that an American tourist has been arrested after he left a Bible at a hotel. 

Thailand: Deepening repression as high-profile activist arrested, others summoned by military courts

6 June 2014

The arrest of a high-profile anti-coup protest leader and military court summons of seven peaceful protesters are the latest moves in a systematic and widening crackdown on key human rights by Thailand’s military, Amnesty International said. 

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