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Burkina Faso maternal mortality caravan countdown

20 January 2010

Vietnamese dissidents' trial a mockery of justice

20 January 2010

In a one-day trial, a court convicted four pro-democracy activists of 'activities aimed at overthrowing the people's administration', sentencing them to between five and 16 years.

Detained Yemeni editor and two sons at risk of torture

19 January 2010

Hisham Bashraheel and his sons were arrested after taking part in a sit-in protest to mark eight months since they were banned from printing and distributing the al-Ayyam newspaper.

Sri Lanka election candidates must end rights violations

19 January 2010

Amnesty International calls on all candidates standing in Sri Lanka’s Presidential elections this month to end widespread human rights violations.

Russia must ensure justice for murdered activists

19 January 2010

Human rights lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova were killed in Moscow a year ago. Those responsible have not been brought to justice.

Angola detains rights activists following attack on Togo football team

19 January 2010

Amnesty International has called on the government to ensure that the attack is not used as an excuse to violate the rights of citizens in Cabinda through arbitrary arrests and detentions.

Yemen must set aside prison sentence on female journalist

19 January 2010

Anissa 'Uthman, a journalist working for weekly newspaper al-Wassat, faces a three month prison sentence after she was convicted of defaming President ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh.

Israel's Gaza blockade continues to suffocate daily life

18 January 2010

Israel must end its suffocating blockade of the Gaza Strip, which leaves more than 1.4 million Palestinians cut off from the outside world and struggling with desperate poverty.

Iraq must halt spiralling death sentences

18 January 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to halt the mounting number of death sentences being handed out in the run-up to delayed national elections in March.

Second Palestinian activist freed by Israel

15 January 2010

Amnesty International welcomes the release of Palestinian activist Mohammed Othman but is concerned Israel has imposed conditions on him.

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