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Sri Lankan government must act now to protect 300,000 displaced

19 November 2008

The humanitarian crisis in the Wanni region of north Sri Lanka is worsening as tens of thousands of families endure the monsoon season with limited food, shelter, wate

Majority support expected in UN vote on death penalty moratorium

19 November 2008

A large majority of states from all regions are expected to back a second resolution by the UN General Assembly (Third Committee) on Thursday, calling for a moratorium

UN adopts key economic, social and cultural rights instrument

19 November 2008

The international community has taken a step towards strengthening human rights protection, particularly for the world's most marginalised.

Czech anti-Roma demonstrators clash with police

19 November 2008

About 500 demonstrators linked to the far right Czech Workers Party, tried to attack a Roma community in the town of Litvinov.

Video: Sri Lanka's quarter of a million displaced

19 November 2008

The humanitarian crisis in the Wanni region of northern Sri Lanka is worsening as the government fails to provide shelter and protect over 300,000 displaced civilian

Counting the civilian cost of the Georgia-Russia conflict

18 November 2008

The five-day war between Georgia and the Russian Federation has had serious and lasting consequences for the civilian population caught in the crossfire.

President-elect Obama recommits to closing Guantánamo and ending torture

18 November 2008

'Early action' promised on closing the detention centre at Guantánamo Bay and ensuring that the USA does not resort to torture.

NGOs call for UN session on the Democratic Republic of Congo

18 November 2008

Over forty organizations active in Africa warn that the situation in the eastern DRC is at risk of turning into a humanitarian catastrophe, as the civilian death toll

Taiwan and South Korea call for 'comfort women' apology

18 November 2008

The Government of Japan must accept historical responsibility and apologise to the victims of Japan’s military sexual slavery system.

Ugandan government must establish reparations programme for war victims

17 November 2008

Widespread human rights violations were committed during northern Uganda's 20-year conflict between the Government of Uganda's armed forces and the Lord's Resistance A

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