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Struggling for women's rights in Somalia

20 January 2009

Questions and answers with Somali human rights activist, Zam Zam Adbullahi.

Amnesty International team reports from the rubble of Gaza

20 January 2009

Israeli shelling has flattened previously busy neighbourhoods into moonscapes. 'There is no camera lens wide enough to embrace the sheer dimensions of the devastation.

Video: Obama's first 100 days

20 January 2009

We are not expecting the impossible from President Obama's first 100 days in office. Watch this video and take action.

Amnesty International team gains access to Gaza

19 January 2009

An Amnesty International fact-finding team has described how they found evidence of widespread use of white phosphorus by that the Israeli army in densely populated

Still no justice for murdered journalist Hrant Dink

19 January 2009

Two years ago, the journalist and human rights defender was killed in Turkey for the expression of his non-violent opinions. Those responsible still haven't been broug

Prominent human rights lawyer murdered in Moscow

19 January 2009

A prominent human rights lawyer with whom Amnesty International had worked on several occasions was shot dead in the centre of Moscow on Monday.

Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza civilian areas

19 January 2009

Amnesty International delegates found still-burning white phosphorus wedges all around densely populated civilian residential areas of Gaza City on Sunday.

Fifty-three death sentences commuted in Zambia

16 January 2009

The President of Zambia has commuted the death sentences of 53 prisoners to custodial sentences.

Sudanese opposition leader arrested

16 January 2009

A Sudanese opposition leader has been arrested after calling on Sudan's president to present himself to the International Criminal Court.

India urged to raise human rights issues in Sri Lanka

15 January 2009

As the Indian Foreign Secretary visits Sri Lanka, an open letter from Amnesty International urges him to raise concerns over the safety of displaced civilians trapped

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