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Impunity for war crimes in Gaza and southern Israel a recipe for further civilian suffering

2 July 2009

Israeli forces killed hundreds of unarmed Palestinian civilians and destroyed thousands of homes in Gaza in attacks which breached the laws of war, according to a ne

Accountability for human rights violations key to normalization in North Caucasus

1 July 2009

There can be no stability and security for the people of the North Caucasus without an end to human rights violations and full accountability, says a new Amnesty Inter

Oil industry has brought poverty and pollution to Niger Delta

30 June 2009

The oil industry in the Niger Delta of Nigeria has brought impoverishment, conflict, human rights abuses and despair to the majority of people in the oil-producing are

Security forces in Honduras urged to respect human rights as protests continue

30 June 2009

Further demonstrations are expected in support of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted on Sunday.

Burundian refugees in Tanzania intimidated into returning home

29 June 2009

Some refugees have had their homes set on fire and others have been threatened with arson, to coerce them into returning home.

President of Lithuania vetoes homophobic law

29 June 2009

The law would prohibit the discussion of homosexuality in schools and ban any reference to it in public information that can be viewed by children.

Europe shows support for Azerbaijan’s threatened independent media

29 June 2009

Amnesty International members across Europe join in a day of action as part of the organization’s solidarity campaign with independent journalists and human righ

Italian Senate must stop controversial bill

29 June 2009

The Italian Senate is to decide whether or not to pass a controversial draft law that would violate the human rights of migrants and asylum-seekers and could lead to

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