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2 days to go: Burkina Faso Maternal Mortality Campaign: Follow the caravan on our geoblog

25 January 2010

Maternal death can be prevented. About a year ago, Amnesty International Burkina Faso was starting to plan the campaign and was already thinking of having a caravan to tour the country.

Rights at risk in Yemen amid increased security crackdown

25 January 2010

Ahead of an international high level meeting in London, Amnesty International has highlighted an increase in human rights abuses against those who criticize or oppose the government.

Security and human rights concerns in Yemen

25 January 2010

A brief summary of Amnesty International's assessment of the situation in the country.

5 days to go: Burkina Faso Maternal Mortality Campaign Countdown

22 January 2010

Safiatou died while trying to reach a health centre after delivering her baby at home. Safiatou's story is one of 50 cases that Amnesty International’s researchers investigated in-depth.

Côte d'Ivoire: Travesty of justice for toxic waste victims

22 January 2010

A court has decided to transfer $45 million intended for victims of the 2006 toxic waste dumping scandal to a group falsely claiming to represent them.

Kurdish man at imminent risk of execution in Iran

22 January 2010

Habibollah Latifi was sentenced to death in 2008 in connection with his links to a banned Kurdish organization.

Saudi Arabia must prevent flogging of teenage girl

22 January 2010

Amnesty International has urged the Saudi Arabian authorities not to carry out the public flogging of a 13-year-old girl charged with assaulting a teacher at her school.

Sri Lanka must halt pre-election attacks on political activists

22 January 2010

Amnesty International has called on Sri Lankan political leaders to investigate attacks on activists during one of the most violent presidential elections in the last 20 years.

US and UN must guarantee Haiti emergency assistance

22 January 2010

US authorities and UN agencies in Haiti must urgently resolve the lack of access to emergency aid for those in desperate need following last week's earthquake.

Controls on military assistance to Somalia must be tightened

21 January 2010

Arms transfers should be suspended until there are adequate safeguards to prevent weapons from being used to commit war crimes and human rights abuses, says Amnesty International.

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