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Jaipur bombings condemned

14 May 2008

A series of bombings that took place in the north-western Indian city of Jaipur on Tuesday have been condemned by Amnesty International.

Asian governments urged to pressure Myanmar

13 May 2008

As hold-ups continue in the supply of foreign aid to Myanmar, Asian leaders have been urged to pressure the country's military rulers into taking swift action to add

Lebanon leaders must prevent human rights abuses

13 May 2008

All political leaders in Lebanon must clearly instruct their supporters to fully respect human rights and to refrain from recklessly carrying out attacks in heavily-

Myanmar obstructionism costs lives

9 May 2008

In the wake of Cyclone Nargis, the government of Myanmar is deliberately impeding life-saving assistance.

Getting a glimpse of Guantánamo

8 May 2008

A life-size model of a cell at Guantánamo will travel to US cities to bring a taste of the harsh realities of prolonged isolation in detention to the US public.

Routine killings of civilians in Somalia

6 May 2008

The dire human rights and humanitarian crisis facing the people of Somalia has been revealed in a groundbreaking new Amnesty International report.

Human rights abuses in Sri Lanka flourish under veil of secrecy

2 May 2008

Sri Lanka is a conflict where journalists face unjustified restrictions on reporting and there are very few established facts.

Refugee camp trauma continues for Palestinians

30 April 2008

More than 3,000 Palestinian refugees are currently cut off from the rest of the world in dire conditions without access to adequate humanitarian assistance. 

Killings of trade unionists on the rise in Colombia

30 April 2008

Across much of the world, May Day – International Workers’ Day – represents an opportunity for workers to celebrate their rights and stand together

Mozambique: Violent police assume ‘licence to kill’

29 April 2008

In a report published today, Amnesty International revealed the extent of police violence in Mozambique, saying that police are killing and torturing people with nea

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