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Tunisia continues human rights abuses in the name of security

20 August 2009

A new Amnesty International report says that Tunisia continues to commit human rights violations inthe name of security and counter-terrorism, yet other states continueto forcibly return Tunisian nationals at risk of torture and otherabuses.

Honduras photos and protestor testimonies show extent of police violence

19 August 2009

Exclusive photos and testimonies published by Amnesty International on Wednesday reveal serious ill-treatment of peaceful protesters by police and military in the Honduran capital.

Kim Dae-jung, human rights champion and former South Korean president, dies

19 August 2009

A tireless campaigner against the death penalty and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Kim Dae-jung leaves a legacy of commitment to human rights and democracy.

Electoral Media Restrictions Undermine Democratic Process in Afghanistan

19 August 2009

On the eve of the presidential elections in Afghanistan, Amnesty International has called on the Afghan government to reverse its ban on national and international media from reporting on cases of violence and insecurity occurring during Thursday’s election.

Indigenous Mexican woman unfairly accused of kidnapping agents

18 August 2009

Mother of six Jacinta Francisco Marcial has been in prison since 2006. She has been sentenced to 21 years for her part in the alleged kidnapping of six federal agents in Mexico.

US Supreme Court Order gives hope to Troy Davis

18 August 2009

In a 6-2 ruling, the nation's highest court decided that Davis should have another chance to prove his innocence before the state of Georgia puts him to death.

Independent investigation needed into rape and torture in detention in Iran

17 August 2009

Allegations that election protesters were tortured and raped in detention must be urgently investigated by the Iranian authorities.

Sri Lanka: attacks on free media put displaced civilians at risk

14 August 2009

Attacks on journalists, intimidation and restrictions on reporting threaten freedom of expression in Sri Lanka and jeopardize the safety and dignity of civilians displaced by war.

General during Argentina's military dictatorship sentenced to life in prison

14 August 2009

Santiago Omar Riveros, who ran a detention centre, was found guilty of torturing and beating to death a 15 year old boy. He is also accused of over 40 crimes against humanity involving victims of the era's so-called "disappeared".

Pressure mounts as time is running out for justice for 'Comfort Women'

14 August 2009

Women who faced abuse and sexual slavery at the hand of the Japanese Imperial army during the Second World War, have now been waiting 64 years for an official apology and adequate reparations.

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