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Forced eviction in Ghana

5 October 2009

Short film about the Fadama slum in Accra, Ghana.

Forced eviction in Zimbabwe

5 October 2009

Short film on forced evictions in Zimbabwe.

Iran moves to execute man for crime committed when he was 17

3 October 2009

The Iranian authorities are planning to execute a man alleged to have killed when he was only 17 on Monday.

Prominent lawyer banned from leaving Iran

2 October 2009

The Iranian authorities banned a prominent human rights activist from leaving the country on Friday.

International inquiry needed into violence by Guinea security forces

1 October 2009

Amnesty International  has called for an international commission of inquiry to investigate the brutal attacks committed by soliders during the suppression of a mass rally in Conakry earlier this week.

Mexico must not repatriate injured migrants

1 October 2009

The three men were part of a group of seven undocumented migrants from El Salvador and Ecuador who where shot at by Mexican security forces as they crossed into the state of Chiapas.

Refugee women in Chad face high levels of rape despite UN presence

30 September 2009

A new Amnesty International report documents rape and other violence against Darfuri women and girls, carried out both inside and outside of refugee camps.

Women raped during Bosnia and Herzegovina conflict still waiting for justice

30 September 2009

Successive governments have failed to provide justice, reparation, adequate healthcare to thousands of women and girls raped during the country's 1992-1995 war, says a new Amnesty International report.

Increased abuses in Honduras given green light by Executive Decree

30 September 2009

Honduran de facto president Roberto Micheletti urged to rescind a decree that provides sweeping new powers of detention to the police, bans all public meetings and imposes a 45 day curfew.

Israel leaves crucial questions unanswered as Goldstone report discussed at UN

30 September 2009

The Israeli authorities must disclose details of the internal investigations they have carried out into the conduct of the Israeli armed forces, Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

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