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Israeli soldiers leave Gaza homes in devastated condition

23 January 2009

Houses have been looted, vandalized and desecrated. Israeli soldiers have left behind not only mounds of litter and excrement but ammunition and other military equipme

USA: Move to suspend military tribunals a positive first step

22 January 2009

Amnesty International has welcomed the new US administration’s moves to suspend military commission proceedings at Guantánamo as a “positive sign&

Colombian military should not try key human rights case

22 January 2009

Retired army colonel Luis Alfonso Plazas Vega is currently on trial in the civilian courts for his alleged part in the enforced disappearance of 11 people in 1985.

Lives lost, lives destroyed in Gaza

22 January 2009

Amnesty International's fact-finding team has visited refugee camps and spoken to survivors of the Israeli bombardments during the three week long conflict which bega

Mandatory death penalty ruled unconstitutional in Uganda

22 January 2009

The Supreme Court of Uganda has ruled however, that the death penalty per se remains constitutional.

USA: Executive order to close Guantánamo a major step forward

22 January 2009

Amnesty International's Secretary General Irene Khan has called President Barack Obama’s executive order to close the Guantánamo detention facility &quo

Turkish LGBT organization wins appeal against closure

21 January 2009

The Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender solidarity organization, Lambda Istanbul, has won its appeal against the closure of the association.

Amnesty International team talks to Gaza survivors

21 January 2009

Thousands of people who fled their homes for fear of Israeli attacks, are returning to find them destroyed. The fact-finding mission spoke to them, and to doctors abou

Struggling for women's rights in Somalia

20 January 2009

Questions and answers with Somali human rights activist, Zam Zam Adbullahi.

Amnesty International team reports from the rubble of Gaza

20 January 2009

Israeli shelling has flattened previously busy neighbourhoods into moonscapes. 'There is no camera lens wide enough to embrace the sheer dimensions of the devastation.

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