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Pakistani government must protect Swat valley civilians

12 February 2009

An estimated 1,200 have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced as a result of fighting between Pakistani Taleban groups and the military.

Video: Human rights in Iran in the spotlight

12 February 2009

Amnesty International's researchers look back at the changes thirty years ago in Iran and put the spotlight on human abuses since.

Student blogger arrested at peaceful march in Egypt

11 February 2009

Philip Rizk was taking part in a march in Cairo, to express solidarity with civilians affected by the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Two journalists attacked in Somalia

11 February 2009

Two journalists have been attacked, one fatally, in less than a week in Somalia.

Increasing sorcery-related killings in Papua New Guinea

11 February 2009

Over 50 people were killed after literal witch hunts in 2008. Further killings related to allegations of sorcery have happened already this year.

New Zimbabwe government urged to prioritise human rights

10 February 2009

Zimbabwe's new unified government has been urged to place human rights at the top of its agenda.

More civilians killed in Sri Lanka fighting

10 February 2009

As the fighting continues between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), civilians pay the price for both parties' disregard for internatio

Mexican government's report to UN fails to acknowledge human rights reality

9 February 2009

The report, submitted to the Human Rights Council, also fails to acknowledge that the Mexican government's policies are frequently not implemented or lack impact.

Human rights violations persist in Iran 30 years after Islamic revolution

9 February 2009

Ayatollah Khomeini promised that all Iranians would be free. However, the past 30 years have been characterised by persistent human rights violations.

Hundreds of migrants at risk if returned from Italian island

6 February 2009

Over 1,600 migrants currently held on the Italian island of Lampedusa are at risk of being forcibly returned to their home countries.

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