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Dow cannot run from the legacy of Bhopal by sponsoring 'Run For Water' events

16 April 2010

The chemical company has been warned it cannot escape responsibility for the ongoing impacts of the 1984 gas leak by sponsoring an event that highlights water scarcity.

Ukrainian authorities respond to Amnesty International's human rights challenge

15 April 2010

The Ukrainian authorities have vowed to ensure accountability for human rights violations in response to Amnesty International’s recommendations to the newly-elected president.

More than 50,000 people in Kenya at risk of imminent forced eviction

15 April 2010

Those living alongside the country's railway lines have been told to pull down their structures and leave, or risk prosecution. Most are slum dwellers in Nairobi.

Executions by Hamas in Gaza 'deplorable'

15 April 2010

The first two men to be officially executed since 2005 had  been convicted by military courts of charges of 'collaboration' with the Israeli military and involvement in murder.

Libyan prisoner of conscience Jamal el-Haji released

15 April 2010

The writer was acquitted of charges of insulting the judicial authorities, after more than four months in detention.

Egypt urged to protect peaceful demonstrators

15 April 2010

The authorities have been urged to allow peaceful protests after police violently repressed another anti-government demonstration in Cairo this week.

Ukraine needs accountability for human rights violations

14 April 2010

President Viktor Yanukovych urged to protect people from torture and other ill-treatment in police custody, racial discrimination and other abuses.

Nigeria must urgently investigate disappearance of six from police custody

14 April 2010

It is feared that the young men, who disappeared from Swift Operation Squad detention in Port Harcourt a year ago, were extrajudicially executed.

Proposed Fiji media law threatens journalists with jail

13 April 2010

If adopted, a vaguely worded draft decree will extend and deepen the already widespread censorship provided under the Public Emergency Regulations.

Lebanese women must have the right to pass on nationality to their children

13 April 2010

An appeal court is to decide whether to overturn a landmark ruling allowing the children of Samira Soueidan to obtain Lebanese nationality.

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