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Human Rights Defender in Russia: Svetlana Alekseevna Gannushkina

9 December 2008

A human rights defender since the late 1980s, Svetlana was one of the founders of the NGO Citizen’s Assistance (Grazhdanskoe Sodeistvie) and the Human Rights Ce

New EU mission must bring justice to Kosovo

8 December 2008

The EU Police and Justice Mission to formally take over responsibility for over 1,500 unresolved war crimes investigations, with possibly thousands more yet to be inve

End of protests in Thailand is time for accountability

5 December 2008

The Thai government, its proxies and anti-government groups should now make commitments to ending human rights abuses,  according to a joint statement by Amnest

African Commission calls for a moratorium on the death penalty

5 December 2008

In an important step towards making the African Union (AU) a totally death penalty-free zone, the African Commission calls on African States to observe a moratorium on

Gaza reduced to bare survival

5 December 2008

The Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is having ever more serious consequences on its population, with food and water in short supply. 

Still no justice for Guatemala massacre victims after 26 years

5 December 2008

Those who executed and planned the massacre of 250 people in Dos Erres have never been convicted. The case has been paralysed by constant appeals, and shows no signs o

Tunisian trade union leader on trial for role in protests

4 December 2008

A trade union leader and 37 others face trial in Tunisia on Thursday, accused of fomenting unrest during protests earlier this year in the Gafsa region.

Mauritania's security forces guilty of routine torture

3 December 2008

The country's security forces have adopted torture as the preferred method of investigation and repression, according to a new Amnesty International report.

Wo Weihan – taken before he could say his last goodbyes

3 December 2008

Wo Weihan, a 59-year-old medical scientist who was found guilty of spying for Taiwan, was executed in China on Friday. His daughters and his son-in-law describe how

Zimbabwean authorities target activists and trade unionists

3 December 2008

A Zimbabwean human rights activist was abducted from her home at dawn on Wednesday by a group of armed plain-clothes men who identified themselves as policemen.

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