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States must be held accountable for violations abroad, says Amnesty International

26 June 2009

Amnesty International has told the Council of Europe Assembly, that states should be held accountable for violations committed by their forces in operations outside th

Iran: Journalists detained as news restrictions tighten

26 June 2009

The Iranian authorities must immediately release dozens of journalists arrested since 12 June and who are at risk of torture in detention, Amnesty International said

At least 62 killed in Baghdad market bombing

25 June 2009

No armed group has claimed responsibility for the attack, which also injured more than 127 people.

Accused in Politkovskaya murder case face retrial

25 June 2009

Russia's Supreme Court has overturned the acquittal of three men accused of involvement in the 2006 killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya.

Amputations carried out on four young men in Somalia

25 June 2009

The men had their right hands and left legs amputated by members of the al-Shabab armed militia in front of a crowd of local people in northern Mogadishu.

Former Bagram detainees allege abuse while in US custody

24 June 2009

Former detainees held by the USA at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan have told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) how they were subjected to abuse while in cust

Amnesty International chief challenges Zimbabwe Prime Minister to implement human rights reforms

23 June 2009

Secretary General Irene Khan expressed her concern at the continuing human rights violations in Zimbabwe, when she met with the country's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangi

Police abuse and impunity in Indonesia must end

23 June 2009

The Indonesian police carry out widespread abuse with impunity against criminal suspects and poor and marginalized communities, according to a new Amnesty Internatio

Togo: Fifteenth country in Africa to abolish the death penalty

23 June 2009

Togo has decided to abolish the death penalty following a unanimous vote by the national assembly.

Somali armed group Al-Shabab should not carry out amputations

22 June 2009

Four young men accused of stealing pistols and mobile phones, have been sentenced to amputation on Tuesday by an ad-hoc court.

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