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Death sentences over Saudi 'sorcery' claims

10 December 2009

Lebanese national 'Ali Hussain Sibat and another unidentified man, could be executed at any time if their sentences are upheld by the appeal and Supreme Courts.

Nigerian police 'kill at will'

9 December 2009

Amnesty International has exposed the shocking level of unlawful police killings in Nigeria in a new report.

Blog: My husband's place is not in prison

9 December 2009

Blog written for Amnesty International by Shaimaa, the wife of human rights defender Musaad Suliman Hassan Hussei.

Blog: My son-in-law, the prisoner of conscience

9 December 2009

Blog written by Talib Yakubov, the father-in-law of prisoner of conscience Azam Farmonov.

Former Guantánamo Bay detainees deserve justice in Italy

9 December 2009

Tunisian nationals Adel Ben Mabrouk and Riadh Nasseri are suspected of having committed terrorism-related crimes in Italy prior to being held at the US detention centre.

Mexican civilian authorities must investigate pattern of serious abuses by military

8 December 2009

New evidence of serious human rights violations carried out during military operations to combat organized crime and drug cartels in Mexico has been unveiled in an Amnesty International report.

Philippines must limit Martial Law and disband paramilitaries

8 December 2009

The Philippine authorities should immediately establish a clear and short timetable for an end to martial law in the country’s restive Maguindanao province.

Russia must stop persecution of rights activists

8 December 2009

The Russian authorities must stop persecuting human rights activists and instead channel their efforts into investigating those responsible for their murders.

Major accused of torturing girl to death in Nepal must be arrested

8 December 2009

The Nepali government must immediately pursue the arrest of an army major accused of torturing a 15-year-old girl to death.

Indiscriminate Baghdad attacks are a war crime

8 December 2009

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