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DRC/ICC: Katanga found guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity

7 March 2014

The International Criminal Court has convicted Germain Katanga, a rebel leader from the Democratic Republic of Congo for his part in a vicious attack on a village in eastern Congo where civilians were massacred.

Ukraine: Human rights monitors urgently needed as journalists and activists face wave of attacks in Crimea

7 March 2014

With journalists, activists and peaceful protestors facing increasing harassment and intimidation in Crimea, there is an urgent need for a strong international monitoring mission in Ukraine. 

15 facts on sex, pregnancy, marriage and violence

6 March 2014

Hundreds of millions of young people are being put at risk by government action or inaction with regards to their sex lives. Current UN and NGO estimates paint a perilous picture for their future. Here, 15 facts.

My Body My Rights: Country Cases

6 March 2014

Read the stories of a young girl abused for resisting sexual exploitation, a rape survivior pressured into having an abortion and a woman who died after being denied life-saving medical treatment.

Sexual and reproductive rights under threat worldwide

6 March 2014

The health and lives of millions of people across the globe are being threatened by government failures to guarantee their sexual and reproductive rights, Amnesty International said today as it launched a global campaign on this issue.

My Body My Rights: Tokyo-based artist joins campaign with 'hyperreal' body paintings

6 March 2014

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho has joined Amnesty International’s new global campaign on sexual and reproductive rights with her "hyperreal" body art.

Russia: Violent attack on former Pussy Riot members must not be tolerated

6 March 2014

Amnesty International is calling on the Russian authorities to investigate an apparently unprovoked and premeditated violent assault on former Pussy Riot members in Nizhny Novgorod this morning. 


DRC: All you need to know about the historic case against Germain Katanga

6 March 2014

Tomorrow, the International Criminal Court will hand down its verdict in the case against Germain Katanga, former leader of  an armed opposition group in the DRC. Here, all you need to know about the case.

Free Saudi Arabian human rights activists on hunger strike

6 March 2014

Saudi Arabia must immediately and unconditionally release two founders of a local human rights organization who have spent nearly a year behind bars, after being convicted on the basis of their peaceful activism and criticism of the authorities. 


Romania: How the EBRD’s funding contributed to forced evictions in Craica, Romania

5 March 2014

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Union are providing a loan to SC Vital S.A., to fund a project for the extension and rehabilitation of the waste water and waste infrastructure in the Romanian town of Baia Mare. This project has led to forced evictions of Romani families in the Craica settlement in Baia Mare.

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