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US Senate committee: Senior officials responsible for detainee abuse

16 December 2008

The authorization of “aggressive” interrogation techniques by senior US government officials has been a “direct cause of detainee abuse” in th

Emergency court jails 22 in Egypt

16 December 2008

Twenty-two people were sentenced on Monday by an emergency court in Egypt for their involvement in the violent protests of Mahalla, north of Cairo, in April 2008.

Crisis in DRC fuelled by access to weapons

15 December 2008

Armed groups in the DRC have been able to get hold of weapons, ammunition, military equipment and other supplies; the subsequent fighting has forced nearly 300,000 pe

Trade unionists sentenced to jail in Tunisia

15 December 2008

A court in Tunisia has handed down sentences of up to 10 years' imprisonment against 33 workers and trade union activists after an unfair trial.

Amid new releases, government critic allowed to leave

15 December 2008

The Libyan authorities have allowed political reform activist Idriss Boufayed to travel to Switzerland to seek medical treatment for cancer.

Calls for Government of Japan to respond to resolutions calling for justice

13 December 2008

One year on from European Union resolution, calls continue for Japanese Government formally to acknowledge, apologise, and accept responsibility for its Imperial Armed

Spain prepares to extradite Chechen to torture risk in Russia

12 December 2008

The Spanish authorities approved the extradition of Murad Gasayev to the Russian Federation, where he would be at great risk of torture, on Friday afternoon.

Brazil's Supreme Court upholds rights of Indigenous Peoples

12 December 2008

A vote in Brazil’s Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the rights of Indigenous Peoples in the reservation of Raposa Serra do Sol on the frontier between Brazil

Fired Up for human rights in pictures

12 December 2008

Hundreds of people around the world have taken part in actions to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

No room in human rights for spectators

12 December 2008

Irene Khan has told the United Nations Human Rights Council that it has a fundamental role to play as the moral voice of the international community.

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