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Alyaksei Bondar

27 November 2009

Blog by youth activist Alyaksei Bondar.

Ales Charnyshou

27 November 2009

Blog by Belarusian youth activist Ales Charnyshou.

Mikhail Kryvau

27 November 2009

Blog by Belarusian youth activist Mikhail Kryvau.

Tatyana Tishkevich

27 November 2009

Blog written for Amnesty International by Belarusian youth activist Tatyana Tishkevich.

Belarus activists tell of life in exile

27 November 2009

Belarusian youth activists sentenced to 'restricted freedom' for attending a peaceful protest have told Amnesty International how they were targeted by the authorities.

Witness protection needed to ensure justice for Philippines massacre victims

27 November 2009

Amnesty International has urged the government to protect witnesses and safeguard vital forensic evidence, following the massacre of at least 57 people in Maguindanao province.

Stock pile of tear gas grenades in Honduras triggers fears of human rights abuses

27 November 2009

An Amnesty International delegation in Honduras monitoring the human rights situation around the presidential elections, has seen evidence suggesting an increased risk of excessive force by security forces.

Syrian activist held incommunicado at risk of torture

26 November 2009

Yousef Dheeb al-Hmoud was arrested at his home on 15 November. The authorities have not revealed where he is being held, why he was arrested or whether he will be charged.

Tunisian journalist jailed after unfair trial

26 November 2009

Amnesty International has condemned the conviction of a dissenting Tunisian journalist who has been jailed for six months on trumped up charges after an unfair trial.

Yemeni women face violence and discrimination

25 November 2009

Women in Yemen face systemic discrimination and endemic violence with devastating consequences for their lives.

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