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Arrest of Sri Lankan opposition leader escalates post-election repression

9 February 2010

Retired General Sarath Fonseka will reportedly face a military Court Martial on charges that he revealed military secrets and plotted the assassination of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

China urged to free human rights activist jailed after unfair trial

9 February 2010

Tan Zuoren was convicted for criticizing the Chinese Communist Party and the government in his online articles and diaries about the handling of 1989's Tiananmen crackdown.

Afghanistan must not grant impunity to war criminals

9 February 2010

Controversial new legislation is believed to be an attempt to provide legal cover for ongoing impunity for perpetrators of human rights violations, including the Taleban.

Women's lives at risk because of Nicaragua's abortion ban

5 February 2010

Activist Ana María Pizarro, tells Amnesty International how pregnant women are at risk of losing their lives because of Nicaragua's abortion ban.

Ten years on – no justice for victims of Chechen killings

5 February 2010

Ten years after the killing of scores of civilians in a suburb of the Chechen capital Grozny, the relatives of those murdered are still denied justice by the Russian authorities.

Ban Ki-moon 'misses opportunity' on Gaza accountability

5 February 2010

The UN Secretary-General has "missed an opportunity" by failing to make an assessment of the credibility of Israeli and Palestinian investigations into violations during the Gaza conflict.

Madagascar killings must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice

4 February 2010

Dozens were killed by security forces during more than a year of anti-government protests, sparked by the closure of the Viva television station in December 2008.

Governments urged to condemn Nicaragua abortion ban

4 February 2010

The country's revised penal code stipulates prison sentences for girls and women who seek an abortion and for health professionals who provide health services associated with abortion.

Ukraine releases Belarusian opposition activist

4 February 2010

Igor Koktysh had been held in a pre-trial detention centre since June 2007,  when Belarus requested his extradition.

Toxic waste victims desperate for justice

3 February 2010

Those affected by the 2006 disaster in Côte d'Ivoire, have told of their anxious wait to see if they will get any of the $45 million compensation owed to them.

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