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Action needed for Sudanese man missing in the UAE

23 April 2010

The family of a Sudanese businessman thought to be held by security forces in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have told Amnesty International of their torment since his enforced disappearance more than two years ago.

Belgrade authorities urged to halt forced eviction of 300 Roma families

23 April 2010

Amnesty International has urged authorities in the Serbian capital Belgrade not to carry out the planned forced eviction of a Romani settlement.

Belgium full face veil ban would breach international law

22 April 2010

Amnesty International urges the Belgian Parliament not to pass a draft law which would prohibit the wearing of full face veils anywhere in public.

Philippine court overturns ban on gay political party

22 April 2010

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) political party, Ang Ladlad, will be allowed to contest in May's national elections for the first time.

Thousands at risk of forced sterilization in China

22 April 2010

Authorities in southern China must not violate human rights in carrying out their reported plans to sterilize thousands of people in a drive to meet family planning targets.

Charges against Spanish investigative judge must be dropped

22 April 2010

Amnesty International has strongly condemned the ‘outrageous’ charges brought against a leading investigative judge accused of abusing his power.  

Chinese human rights defenders subjected to ‘absurd’ disbarment hearing

22 April 2010

Amnesty International has condemned as ‘absurd’ a legal hearing aiming to revoke the legal licences of two Chinese human rights lawyers who had defended Falun Gong practitioners.   

Nigerian governors ‘threaten to execute inmates’ to ease prison congestion

22 April 2010

Amnesty International has condemned a reported move by Nigerian state governors to execute death row inmates to ease overcrowding.

Azerbaijan urged to release dissenting journalist

22 April 2010

Amnesty International has urged the Azerbaijani authorities to free a journalist jailed on trumped up charges of terrorism and defamation after the European Court of Human Rights ruled he had been wrongfully imprisoned.

Former Argentine president jailed for crimes against humanity

21 April 2010

Amnesty International has welcomed the conviction of Reynaldo Bignone, who was found guilty of torture, murder and several kidnappings that occured during the 1970s.

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