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Men arrested in Niger Delta region of Nigeria feared tortured and killed

17 April 2009

Four men arrested in recent days in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have apparently been forcibly disappeared by police, leading to fears that they may have been t

Immediate humanitarian truce needed in Sri Lanka to help trapped civilians

17 April 2009

Around 100,000 desperate civilians still trapped in the conflict zone, require urgent humanitarian aid as reports emerge that food and medical supplies are running lo

No progress in Chechnya without accountability

17 April 2009

There can be no stability and security for the people of Chechnya, until those responsible for gross human rights abuses in the country over the last 10 years are brou

Azerbaijan journalist pardoned after almost three years in prison

16 April 2009

Sakit Zahidov was considered a prisoner of conscience. It is thought that he was imprisoned to silence his critical reporting of the authorities.

Amnesty International puts human rights on Americas Summit agenda

16 April 2009

An Amnesty International delegation has arrived in Trinidad and Tobago to take part in the Summit of the Americas.

Security forces above the law in Iraqi Kurdistan

14 April 2009

Security forces in Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan Region operate outside the rule of law and regularly abuse their authority.

Bahrain King orders release of political prisoners

14 April 2009

The authorities in Bahrain released all 178 political prisoners on Sunday after they were pardoned by the King of Bahrain.

China's new human rights plan emphasizes economic rights at expense of civil liberties

14 April 2009

The Chinese authorities have released a National Human Rights Action Plan that, in some areas, includes concrete targets for 2010.

Nine men executed in Sudan following unfair trial

14 April 2009

The Sudanese government executed nine people who may have been innocent on Monday.

Nepal's government fails to protect women human rights activists

10 April 2009

A year into its rule, the Maoist government has failed to live up to its commitments to improving women's human rights, including protecting women human rights defende

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