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Pakistan fails to come clean on secret detentions

25 February 2009

Pakistan's new civilian government has failed to provide information about hundreds of cases of people believed to be held secretly by the government.

Binyam Mohamed released from Guantánamo

24 February 2009

UK resident Binyam Mohamed has been released from detention in Guantánamo Bay and allowed to return to the UK.

Thousands of Colombian civilians punished for refusing to take part in conflict

24 February 2009

'Communities in resistance' have for years suffered attacks by the Colombian security forces, paramilitaries and guerrilla groups, for refusing to take part in the co

Political prisoners set free in Myanmar

24 February 2009

Twenty-four political prisoners have been set free in Myanmar after the government announced that it would release 6,313 prisoners. 

Nigerian states urged not to execute

24 February 2009

Nigeria’s state governments have been urged not to extend the death penalty to include crimes such as kidnapping.

Foreign-supplied weapons used against civilians by Israel and Hamas

20 February 2009

Both Israel and Hamas used foreign-supplied weapons to attack civilians according to fresh evidence released by Amnesty International.

Anna Politkovskaya murder – accused acquitted, investigation must continue

20 February 2009

The jury in the Anna Politkovskaya murder trial has acquitted all those charged with involvement in the murder.

Egyptian blogger held incommunicado is at risk of torture

20 February 2009

Criticism of government policy on Gaza a new red line for freedom of expression in Egypt.

Law Lords give go-ahead for deportations, including that of Abu Qatada

18 February 2009

The decision could give the UK government the green light to start deporting people to countries where they will be at risk of serious human rights abuses.

Thousands flee fighting and hunger in Afghanistan

18 February 2009

Tens of thousands of Afghans displaced from their homes by escalating fighting and ongoing food shortages require immediate humanitarian assistance.

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