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Fears for three forcibly disappeared by Mexican soldiers

16 February 2010

Not seen since they were taken in December, the three are believed to be the latest victims of human rights abuses committed by troops deployed to combat the rise of organized crime.

Côte d'Ivoire toxic waste compensation deal open to abuse

15 February 2010

A deal agreed between lawyers representing victims of the Trafigura toxic waste disaster and a group trying to secure control of the $45 million compensation fund is open to serious abuse.

Sentence reduced for US conscientious objector

12 February 2010

Travis Bishop, a US army sergeant who refused to serve in Afghanistan because of his religious beliefs as a Christian, has had his year-long sentenced shortened by three months.

Indigenous Mexican women framed over kidnapping are prisoners of conscience

12 February 2010

Alberta Alcántara and Teresa González Cornelio (pictured) were sentenced to 21 years in prison in January 2009, when they were convicted of kidnapping of six police officers.

President of Burkina Faso commits to lifting financial barriers to maternal health in a meeting with Amnesty International

12 February 2010

Blaise Compaoré expressed his commitment to emergency obstetric care and access to family planning to delegation led by interim Secretary General Claudio Cordone.

Iran's report to UN paints distorted picture on human rights

12 February 2010

An Amnesty International paper responding to Iran's own submission to the UN ahead of the Human Rights Council review of the country, illustrates Iran's failure to uphold human rights.

Chinese authorities urged to free activist Liu Xiaobo

11 February 2010

A Beijing court has rejected the well-known scholar's appeal against his 11 year prison sentence for "inciting subversion of state power".

Amnesty International on its work with Moazzam Begg and Cageprisoners

11 February 2010

Amnesty International's interim Secretary General Claudio Cordone on the controversy surrounding the organization in light of statements made by a staff member.

Darfuri refugees exposed to increased attacks if UN withdraws from Chad

11 February 2010

Hundreds of thousands could become vulnerable to increased attacks after the government has insisted that the peacekeeping mission leaves the country when its mandate expires in March.

Abuse of human rights in Zimbabwe continues under unity government

10 February 2010

Torture, harassment and politically motivated prosecutions of human rights activists and perceived opponents have persisted since the government's formation a year ago.

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