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Photographer faces jail for 'defaming' life in Uzbekistan

27 January 2010

Umida Akhmedova, whose work shows men, women and children carrying out everyday activities, was charged with slandering and insulting the Uzbekistani people and their traditions.

Romania must end forced evictions of Roma families

26 January 2010

Due to a lack of adequate alternative housing, Roma families have been living for years next to waste dumps or sewage treatment plants.

Treated like waste: Roma homes destroyed, and health at risk, in Romania

26 January 2010

About 75 Roma people, including children, have been living in metal cabins and shacks next to a sewage treatment plant since 2004.

New Honduras President must order investigation into rights abuses

26 January 2010

Porfirio Lobo, who takes office on Wednesday, has been urged to see that justice is done for the victims of abuses committed by the security forces following last June's coup d'état.

Execution of 'Chemical Ali' in Iraq criticised

26 January 2010

Amnesty International deplores the execution in Baghdad of ‘Ali Hassan al-Majeed, also known as Chemical Ali, for his involvement in one of the worst atrocities committed under the government of Saddam Hussain.

1 day to go: Burkina Faso maternal mortality campaign countdown

26 January 2010

Women in Burkina Faso suffer discrimination in every area of their lives, with unequal access to education, health care and employment.

Human rights in Afghanistan must be guaranteed during Taleban talks

26 January 2010

Human rights must not be compromised during reconciliation talks with the Taleban, Amnesty International said on the eve of a conference on deteriorating security conditions in the country.

2 days to go: Burkina Faso Maternal Mortality Campaign: Follow the caravan on our geoblog

25 January 2010

Maternal death can be prevented. About a year ago, Amnesty International Burkina Faso was starting to plan the campaign and was already thinking of having a caravan to tour the country.

Rights at risk in Yemen amid increased security crackdown

25 January 2010

Ahead of an international high level meeting in London, Amnesty International has highlighted an increase in human rights abuses against those who criticize or oppose the government.

Security and human rights concerns in Yemen

25 January 2010

A brief summary of Amnesty International's assessment of the situation in the country.

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