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Saudi Arabia - countering terrorism with repression

11 September 2009

Since the September 11 attacks in the USA eight years ago, the Saudi Arabian authorities have launched a sustained assault on human rights in the name of countering terrorism.

Sri Lanka's displaced face uncertain future as government begins to unlock the camps

11 September 2009

Only a fraction of nearly 300,000 people who were displaced by recent fighting in the north east of Sri Lanka have been allowed to leave government camps since the war ended in May.

Counting the human cost of Sri Lanka's conflict

11 September 2009

The Government of Sri Lanka announced a plan on 23 May to resettle most civilians displaced by conflict by the end of the year.

Japan continues to execute mentally ill prisoners

10 September 2009

The government of Japan continues to execute prisoners who are mentally ill, according to a new Amnesty International report.

Four migrants shot dead by Egyptian forces close to Israel border

10 September 2009

Four men were shot dead by Egyptian security forces as they attempted to cross the border into Israel on Tuesday.

Iranian rape and torture victims at renewed risk

10 September 2009

Victims of rape and other torture by Iranian security forces are facing renewed risk after documents detailing abuses against them were confiscated this week.

Thousands left homeless by forced evictions in Chad

9 September 2009

The Chadian government must stop the forced evictions that have left tens of thousands homeless in the capital city of N'Djamena, Amnesty International has said.

Lithuanian parliament moves to criminalize homosexuality

9 September 2009

Any move by the Lithuanian parliament to criminalize the promotion of homosexuality would  violate the country's international obligations to uphold freedom of expression and fight discrimination.

Russian court orders new investigation into Politkovskaya murder case

8 September 2009

Russia's Supreme Court ordered a new investigation into the 2006 killing of journalist Anna Politkovskaya on Thursday.

Repression in Fiji – international donors urged to act

7 September 2009

The interim military government in Fiji has used a wide range of repressive tactics to stifle any protests and intimidate its critics.

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