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Death row prisoners freed in Nigeria

26 August 2009

One of Nigeria's most influential states has taken an important step towards abolition of the death penalty by pardoning and releasing three condemned prisoners.

Thailand carries out first executions in six years

26 August 2009

Two men convicted of drug trafficking in 2001, have been put to death by lethal injection. They were the first to be executed in Thailand since 2003.

Displaced civilians in Philippines still at risk despite Mindanao ceasefire

25 August 2009

More than 200,000 people living in camps with limited access to food, also face human rights abuses by both the army and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), says a new Amnesty International report.

Photographic evidence shows the cruelty of caning In Malaysia

25 August 2009

Photographic evidence obtained from detention centres in Malaysia by Amnesty International, show the harsh reality of this cruel form of punishment.

Malaysia postpones caning of woman for Ramadan

24 August 2009

Authorities in Malaysia on Monday postponed the caning of a Muslim woman convicted of drinking alcohol in public, until the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Malaysian woman first to be caned under Shariah law

21 August 2009

Amnesty International calls for an end to caning as a form of punishment after a Muslim woman is sentenced to six lashes in Malaysia

Arrest of 11-year-old girl latest human rights violation in Manipur

21 August 2009

Human rights organizations in the Indian state of Manipur, have alleged that the police abducted Bidyarani Devi Salam to make her parents - who were suspected of helping local armed opposition groups – give themselves up.

Tunisia continues human rights abuses in the name of security

20 August 2009

A new Amnesty International report says that Tunisia continues to commit human rights violations inthe name of security and counter-terrorism, yet other states continueto forcibly return Tunisian nationals at risk of torture and otherabuses.

Honduras photos and protestor testimonies show extent of police violence

19 August 2009

Exclusive photos and testimonies published by Amnesty International on Wednesday reveal serious ill-treatment of peaceful protesters by police and military in the Honduran capital.

Kim Dae-jung, human rights champion and former South Korean president, dies

19 August 2009

A tireless campaigner against the death penalty and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Kim Dae-jung leaves a legacy of commitment to human rights and democracy.

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