The Wire, September 2003. Vol. 33, No. 8.

By Amnesty International, , Index number: NWS 21/008/2003

1) Children at war in Africa 2) USA: Unfair trials by military commissions 3) Pakistan's children let down by justice system, 4) A conspiracy of silence? 5) Guatemala's future - bullets or the ballot box? 6) Worldwide appeals - China, Syria, Kenya 7) Updates 8) Good news for the Giza 14 and Queen Boat case prisoners in Egypt 9) Jamaica disbands crime unit 10) Justice delayed in Namibia 11) Viet Nam reduces sentence 12) A positive step for African women 13) Charges dropped in Syria 14) Crisis in Liberia 15) Alleged illegal sterilization of Romani women in Slovakia 16) Timor-Leste 17) Russian Federation

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