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The Wire, May 2003. Vol. 33, No. 4.

, Index number: NWS 21/004/2003

1) Iraq: People come first 2) Russian Federation: 'They don't think we are human beings': AI's campaign against racial discrimination in the Russian Federation 3) Philippines: Childhood lost in the Philippines 4) China: Chinese use mobile death vans to execute prisoners 5) Burundi: No justice for Burundi massacre victims 6) Worldwide Appeals: Colombia, Trade unionists receive death threats; Israel/Occupied Territories, Woman held in administrative detention denied medical care; Algeria, Teacher disappears 7) Thailand: 'War on drugs' 8) Updates: Burundi, Child released after nearly a year; Fiji Reports to UN Committee; AI meets King of Jordan; AI lobbies EU on behalf of defenders 9) Backlash against human rights in the shadow of war in Iraq 10) More than 170 Colombian trade unionists

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