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The Wire, March 2006. Vol. 36, No.2.

, Index number: NWS 21/002/2006

1) USA executes mentally ill 2) AI visits Syria after nine year absence 3) Religious persecution in Eritrea 4) Afghanistan 'success' ebbing away:Threat of insurgency grows as goodwill towards US troops fades 5) 'Better not to call the police; things only get worse': Police of the Russian Federation are failing to protect women from domestic violence 6) Worldwide appeals: Morocco/Western Sahara: Human rights defenders imprisoned; Myanmar: Longest-serving prisoner of conscience; Ethiopia: Human rights defender at risk 7)Updates: Libya; Viet Nam; Germany /USA; Cambodia; Honduras 8) Meeting of NGOs in Middle East denounces deals on detainee transfers 9) Control Arms campaigning at the World Social Forums 10) El Salvador fails to meet deadline set by Inter-American Court 11) AI helps free torture victim in Moldova 12) Former Peruvian President must be brought to justice

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