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Medical letter writing action: Syria: Aktham Nu'aysa, Nizar Nayyuf, 'Afif Muzhir, Muhammad 'Ali Habib, Bassam al-Shaykh, Thabit Murad, Hassan 'Ali, Hussam Salama, Jadi' Nawfal and Ya'qub Musa

, Index number: MDE 24/015/1992

The ten people named above were sentenced in March 1992 to prison terms ranging from five to 10 years. All were detained in connection with the activities of the Committees for the Defence of Democratic Freedoms and Human Rights in Syria (CDF), which campaigns for an end to emergency legislation in Syria and the return of individual freedoms. AI is particularly concerned about three prisoners, said to be in need of medical attention: Aktham Nu'aysa, a lawyer aged about 41, who was reportedly tortured after his arrest and who is known to have had kidney problems prior to arrest; Nizar Nayyuf, 36, a sociologist and writer, reportedly tortured after arrest; and 'Afif Muzhir, 34, a jurist, said to have been ill before his arrest. AI is calling for all ten to be released.

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