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UA 50/94 - Syria: health concern / prisoners of conscience: Ahmad Suwaidani, Muhammad 'Id 'Ashawi, Hadithe Murade, Dafi Jam'ani, 'Abd al-Hamid Miqdad, 'Adel Na'issa, Fawzi Rida and Mustafa Rustum

, Index number: MDE 24/002/1994

Ahmad Suwaidani, a 65-year-old prisoner of conscience, is reported to have been admitted to Teshmin Hospital in Damascus on 4 February 1994. The exact causes of his ill-health are not known, but he is believed to have suffered a stroke, resulting in right-sided paralysis of his face, hand and leg. He has been held without charge or trial since 1969. There is also concern for the health of seven other long-term prisoners of conscience named above, held since their arrest between 1970 and 1972. They are all said to be in poor health, particularly Muhammad 'Id 'Ashawi, who is reported to be suffering from acute anaemia, rheutamism and a stomach ulcer.

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