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Libya: Further information on torture / fear of execution

By Amnesty International, , Index number: MDE 19/002/1996

Col. Miftah Qarrum al-Wirfali, Major Ramadhan al-'Ayhuri, Major Khalil Salam al-Jidiq, Major Miftah Bahr, Major 'Abdallah al-Waa'ir, Lt-Col Daw al Salihin al-Jidiq, Lt-Col Shtiwi Miftah al-Mabruk, Lt-Col Mohammad al-Ghul: new names: Col. Mostafa Belqassem al-Kikli, Lt-Col Mohammad Bashir Salah, Major 'Abd al-Salam al-Waa'ir, Capt. Salam Deynum al-Waa'ir (in absentia): AI had received new reoprts that 11 of the 12 people named above are at imminent risk of execution after being summarily tried and sentenced to death by military court at the end of December 1995.

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