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Further information on UA 313/93 (MDE 14/08/93, 8 September) - Iraq: fear of torture / fear of death penalty: 'Abd al-Karim Hani, Majid Adham, Jassem Mukhlis, Sufian Muhklis and Rajeh al-Tikriti

, Index number: MDE 14/010/1993

Several of the Sunni Arabs arrested in the second half of August 1993 are reported to have been executed in the first week of November. These include 'Abdal-Karim Hani and Rajeh al-Tikriti. Jassem and Sufian Muhkhlis, cousins, are also reported to have died, one by execution and the other 48 hours after release from prison. Majid Adham remains missing.

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