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Iraq: Secret detention of Kuwaitis and third-country nationals

, Index number: MDE 14/005/1993

Thousands of Kuwaiti and third-country nationals were transferred from Kuwait to Iraq by Iraqi forces during the occupation of Kuwait from 2 August 1990 to 26 February 1991. Following the cease-fire, large-scale repatriations saw the return of over 7,000 prisoners of war and civilian detainees. Since January 1992 Iraq has claimed that all prisoners arrested in the course of the conflict have now been repatriated, a claim disputed by the Kuwaiti Government. There is strong evidence to suggest that many people are still being held as prisoners of conscience, and there are also fears that some may have been tortured, and some may have died as a result of torture or execution. A list of 140 such prisoners believed to be held in secret detention, and photographs of 120 are appended.

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