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UA 384/93 - Egypt: death penalty / legal concern: 'Abd al-Hamid Mohammad 'Abd al-Hamid, Fathi Imam 'Abd al-Maguid, Khuwaylid Mohammad Barakat, Mohammad 'Abdullah Mohammad, Ra'fat Mahmoud Mohammad 'Othman, Mohammad Hosam Ahmed al-Sharif, Yasser Kamil 'Ali

, Index number: MDE 12/020/1993

The eight men named above were sentenced to death by the Supreme Military Court in Cairo, which pronounced judgement in two separate political cases on 30 October. They could be executed within weeks if their sentences are upheld. They were sentenced to death in the case known as Talai' al-Fatah (Vanguards of the Conquest) - Group 1 (Military case no 123/93) in which 55 people were tried. Charges against them included reviving the banned Islamic group known as Gihad (Holy Struggle), murdering two civilians, and the attempted murder of policemen and security guards. They were sentenced to death by a military court, even though all of them are believed to be civilians.

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