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Bahrain: Arbitrary arrest / fear of torture: Muhammad Ja'far al-Ma'raj, 'Abd al-'Ali Jassim (32), 'Ali Yusif Hassan (25), 'Abd al-Hussein Hussein Ma'raj Mal Allah (28), 'Ali Fallah 'Abdullah (21)

, Index number: MDE 11/014/1995

AI has learned that the above named people were arrested between 29 June 1995 and 2 July 1995. AI fears that they may be at risk of torture in incommunicado detention. All five arrests were reportedly carried out by the security police and the riot police between 2 and 3am; the men were allegedly beaten and handcuffed and had their homes searched before being taken into custody. Their current whereabouts are unknown. Reports indicated that the five men may have been arrested for campaining on behalf of people arrested in connection with "pro-democracy" demonstrations and for helping the families of those detained. If this is the case, AI will consider them to be prisoners of conscience.

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