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International Criminal Court: The unlawful attempt by the Security Council to give US citizens permanent impunity from international justice

, Index number: IOR 40/006/2003

Amnesty International is deeply concerned that the Security Council adopted Resolution 1422 (2002) on 12 July 2002. That resolution seeks to give perpetual impunity from investigation or prosecution by the recently established International Criminal Court to nationals of states that have not ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes when these persons were involved in operations established or authorized by the United Nations (UN). Section I of this memorandum describes the content of the resolution, identifies some of its most notable features and indicates some of its main flaws. Section II details the drafting history of the resolution. The remaining sections of the memorandum expand and develop these legal arguments made by states during the drafting of the resolution. .

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