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Further information on EXTRA 21/93 (EUR 63/05/93, 2 March) - Bosnia- Herzegovina: fear for safety: Non-Serbs in the Serbian-controlled town of Banja Luka

, Index number: EUR 63/013/1993

There is continued concern for the safety of non-Serbs (mainly Muslims and Croats) in the Serbian-controlled town of Banja Luka in north western Bosnia-Herzegovina. Further reports of deliberate and arbitrary killings, arbitrary detentions and acts of intimidation continue to be received. These abuses appear to be intended to provoke the departure of non-Serbs from the area. They include the detention and beating of a former policeman, Mustafa B, at the Hiseta mosque on 6 May 1993, and the destruction of two famous 16th century mosques in Banja Luka the following day. A UNHCR spokesman has also relayed reports from local Muslims in Vrbanja, on the outskirts of Banja Luka, of extrajudicial executions by irregular Serb units.

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