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Bosnia-Herzegovina: "You have no place here": Abuses in Bosnian Serb-controlled areas

, Index number: EUR 63/011/1994

Testimony collected in Croatia from recently arrived refugees reinforces concerns that serious human rights abuses continue to be perpetrated against minorities in areas under the control of rebel Bosnian Serb forces. Among the abuses which have been reported are torture and ill-treatment, including rape, deliberate and arbitrary killings and arbitrary detention of civilians. Many of these abuses have occurred in the context of harassment by Bosnian Serbs seeking to take over Muslims' or Croats' property. The clear pattern of abuses shows that the authorities are condoning or even encouraging this policy. Bosnian Serb police have offered only minimal protection to victims or potential victims. Many of those seeking to leave this climate of fear have had to pay exorbitant sums for transport and give up rights to their property.

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