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SURAN 30/92 - Uzbekistan: Abdumannob Pulatov

, Index number: EUR 62/005/1992

Abdumannob Pulatov, chairman of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan and a member of the Birlik movement, was abducted on 8 December 1992 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, by officers of the Uzbekistan National Security Service. A lecturer in mathematics and freelance journalist, he was in Bishkek to organize a human rights conference. He has lived in Moscow since June 1992 because of alleged harassment by the authorities. The abduction was witnessed by several journalists; the abductors were reportedly intercepted by Kyrgyz police but allowed to continue after they presented an arrest warrant. He has been charged with infringement upon the honour and dignity of the President, which apparently relates to an issue of a magazine he writes for which appeared in early 1992.

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